I am fortunate to have worked with many high performance organizations and individuals, and Gary Denham is simply one of the best. There is a doctrine in the special operations community that "humans are more important than hardware", a philosophy Gary embodies with passion. With a charismatic and entertaining approach to communication and learning, he will engage you with his humor and unique style. He brings an incredibly rare blend of authenticity as a parent, educator, leader as well as over 20 years as a SEAL operator at the highest level. Humble and hungry, he is passionate about helping others to simply be better. I will forever be grateful for working with Gary and couldn't recommend him more highly for any individual or organization looking to grow and improve.
Angus Mugford, Ph.D. CC-AASP, Director, IMG Institute

I first met Gary Denham several years ago at a YPO event where he was the speaker. Walking in I did not know what to expect. All I knew was that he was a former SEAL. By the end of he day I was aware of so much more. Like a forum training, barriers were broken and comfort levels stretched. I learned that Gary is perhaps the most genuine person I had ever met. A warrior scholar who had no fear of making himself vulnerable, of sharing at the deepest level, and making those that learned from him better people because of the time they spent with him. Incredibly knowledgeable on many levels, Gary dances from stories of Abraham Lincoln to SEAL training to his personal life, using each to teach a lesson and impart wisdom. 

Since that first meeting I've had the privilege of having Gary work with my company, facilitate my forum retreat, and speak at YPO events. Each experience has been rewarding for all involved. 

Adam Eiseman, Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd